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Individual Counseling

Depression, anxiety, and life changes can result in discomfort and pain. If you are feeling stuck, noticing that you are in your own way, or experiencing a change in your life that brings up negative cognitive beliefs; perhaps you’re here because you are ready to create change in your life. Through individual counseling, I provide a holistic and integrated approach that supports you in your healing process and moves you toward your highest values and self. I work with women 18+ experiencing depression, anxiety, divorce, peripartum/postpartum, grief, loss, trauma, life transitions, stress, PTSD and sexual, cultural, spiritual, and relationship issues. 


Fees: Initial Assessment - 60 minutes at $175

          Individual Psychotherapy- 50 minutes at $150


I am certified as an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner also known as “tapping.” It is best described by Gary Craig as “Psychological Acupuncture.” The use of tapping on specific acupoints stimulates the body’s energy meridian points to restore balance and healing in our physical and emotional state. 


Fees: Tapping per 50 minute session at $160

           *Inquire for group rate for your company

Clinical Supervision

If you are currently working toward licensure as an ASW and seeking supervision, I provide clinical supervision.


Fees: Clinical Supervision per 60 minute at $150


*The following forms of payment are accepted: all major forms of credit cards and cash. I am an “out of network” provider and can provide a “super bill” to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement per your insurance company’s policy.

My Approach

Areas of Expertise

My Eastern upbringing exposed me to the practice of holistic healing and mindfulness practices which I integrate with various therapeutic modalities that include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and trauma informed care. I am currently engaged in the process of training in EMDR (note that I am not EMDR certified yet).


 I work primarily with women specializing in depression, anxiety, life transitions, immigration, divorce, relationship issues, boundaries, healthy communication, stress management, sexuality, spirituality, cultural issues, grief, loss, and overcoming fear.  I support women in the process of individuating and finding balance and wholeness in their authentic selves. I help to foster integration of heart, mind, spirit and body to live a thriving life with ease, flow and abundance. Through an integrative approach, I work with you to free yourself of an old narrative and to reimagine an extraordinary narrative that reflects your authenticity and true self. 

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